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Welcome to the Day Care Centers of Kita ZugWest

The Full-Service- Day Care Centers of Kita ZugWest in Hünenberg are located between Cham and Rotkreuz.

We are committed to providing quality daycare for infants ages 14 weeks to children of  kindergarten age in an inspiring and family oriented atmosphere in our two Kitas: Kita ZugWest Bösch at Bösch 80b (four groups) and Kita ZugWest SEE (Rothusstrasse 10, Riverside Campus ISZL). Even if we speak Swiss German/German with our children, children from foreign speaking parents are warmly welcome. Most of our employees speak English.

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We also offer vacation care in our Hort ZugWest for children up to 10 years of age – the ideal opportunity to learn the local language with German-speaking children during the vacations.

Kita ZugWest stands for

  • a loving and dependable daycare, where you and your child are in focus.
  • an age-appropriate, supporting development of your child: We encourage and support your child and promote positive attitudes. We offer exciting activities, lots of playtime and a weekly schedule with learning objectives for all ages.
  • three age-mixed group: Children learn to take care of each other and to experience a variety of role model play.
  • two baby groups, where babys and toddlers learn their first steps and playing together. Mothers can breast-feed their baby anytime in a private atmosphere.
  • a healthy diet. We prepare four fresh meals daily: breakfast, lunch and two snacks. Our Kita ZugWest Bösch is certified by “Fourchette verte – ama terra”, a special plan for babies and toddlers. Your child will receive all the nutrients it needs per day.
  • opening hours: Kita ZugWest Bösch 7:00 to 18:30, year round, except for public holidays and between Christmas and New Year. Kita ZugWest See 7.30 to 17.30 (Wednesdays till 18.00), 45 weeks/year
  • innovative services: With the multilingual APP you are always up to date the development of your child. You can watch photos of your child on your mobile phone and send message to other parents and the kita.
  • reasonable rates: Kita ZugWest Bösch CHF 155.00 per baby per day, CHF 135.00 per toddler older than 18 month). Kita ZugWest SEE CHF 140.00 per baby per day, CHF 120.00 per toddler older than 18 month). Discount for quarterly payments and company rates are available.

Child care vouchers

Parents from Hünenberg/Hünenberg See, Zug, Cham, Baar and Steinhausen can get (childcare vouchers).

Safety / Hygiene / Privacy Policy

The well-being, safety and the healthy development of your child are our first priority. The daycare has an emergency and prevention protocol. The staff attends a required emergency course every two years.

The Kita ZugWest offers its own hygienic concept, which is strictly adhered to. Our staff is committed to this strict Code of Conduct.

And of course, our employees comply with our privacy and confidentiality policy.