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We care about you and your child

Our team is distinguished by many years of experience in childcare. We love to take care about your child.

Kita Manager

Christina Luthiger

Christina Luthiger
  • Manager, co-founder and co-owner of Kita ZugWest GmbH
  • HF practical trainer 2023
  • Federal certificate of proficiency Team leader in social and socio-medical institutions 2021
  • Professional childcare EFZ since 2016
  • Exam expert 2022
  • vocational trainer EFZ
  • Christina is a mother of two adult children

Administration Manager

Patricia Diermeier

Kita ZugWest

Kita ZugWest is a private initiative, founded in 2017. The owners are Christina Luthiger and Patricia Diermeier Reichardt. The concept of the Full-Service Kita© is protected.

Kita ZugWest is member of