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In August 2023, Kita ZugWest GmbH will open a new childcare group for children from 14 weeks to kindergarten on the Riverside Campus of the International School Zug and Lucerne with shortened opening hours and lower rates.

Directly behind the Seeblick bus stop in Bösch, according to the proven, child-friendly concept, we will have bright, child-friendly rooms on the first floor of the red pavilion on Rothusstrasse 10.

In front of the pavilion we will set up a fenced garden with a shady sandbox.

For 45 weeks a year, a family-supplementary, professionally managed, all-day care program will be offered for children from 14 weeks to kindergarten entry, which is primarily adapted to the needs of parents who work at the ISZL. However, it is also open to other families who do not require very long childcare hours.

Opening hours and tariffs

The Kita ZugWest See at Rothusstrasse 10 in Bösch 80b is open daily from Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. – on Wednesday until 6 p.m.. Pick up of the children until 17.20 or 17.50.

The Kita ZugWest See is open 45 weeks a year – the current vacation schedule can be downloaded here.

It is possible to sign a Paulschal contract for 40 or 45 weeks. This means that the children come to the daycare center during school/work hours, but are mainly cared for at home during the vacations.

Depending on the occupancy, there is the possibility of booking half-days with or without lunch for children 18 months and older, upon request:

  • Morning with lunch (7.30-13.30): CHF 90.00
  • Afternoon with lunch (11.30-17.30): CHF 90.00
  • Morning without lunch (7.30-11.30): CHF 70.00
  • Afternoon without lunch (13.30-17.30): CHF 70.00

Interested? Please contact us . We would also be happy to show you our Kita ZugWest Bösch so that you can get an idea of what it is like.

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