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Daily Routine of our daycare center

The children arrive between 7:00 and 9:00 at the Kita ZugWest. Children and babys arriving before 8:00 am enjoy a small breakfast with selfmade bread.

Usually, babies and toddlers are together in a joint group – as in a big family. However, for certain activities, babys and toddlers are divided into groups of same age children.

At 9:00 we offer a snack before starting our morning circle, a daily ritual which brings all children together. We sing a special song to welcome everybody and discuss the daily program with the children.

Everyday we go at least once to the fresh air. Either we stay in the nearby forest or visit the petting zoo or a farmer nearby. Sometimes we are playing on our terrace or are following a theme-oriented activity. Or everybody enjoys free play. Then we wash hands, change diapers and sing in the circle again.

At 11:30 we have lunch together. Meals are freshly prepared in the Kita. We have been awarded with the label «Fourchette verte – ama terra» which is specially designed for Kitas: Your child will receive all the nutrients it needs per day.

After lunch we brush teeths and lay down for a nap. The toddlers may lay down in silence, look at a book or listen to music instead of sleeping in a bed.

After wake-up around 14:00, outdoor activities are undertaken, including the afternoon snack in the open air if weather permits. There is free playing from 16:30 untill all children are be picked up untill 18:30.