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Kita ZugWest Bösch

Founded in 2017, Kita ZugWest Bösch houses four daycare groups with a maximum of 10 or 12 children:

  • The Green and Blue groups are mixed-age groups with a maximum of 12 children aged 14 months to kindergarten).
  • The groups Farbtüpfli and Purzelbaum are toddler groups with a maximum of 10 children up to 3 years old.

The Kita ZugWest Bösch is located in the house Bösch 80B at the entrance to the commercial/industrial area Bösch, Hünenberg ZUG – only a few hundred meters from the highway exit Risch/Rotkreuz and Hünenberg.

Directly in front of the house you will find parking spaces for visitors as well as for the daycare center. The bus stop “Bösch” with connection to the train stations Cham and Rotkreuz (Bus. No. 8 and 51) is also directly in front of the house. The bus stop is served every quarter of an hour.

At over 700 square meters with bright rooms, infants and children of our three groups have numerous possibilities for playing, laughing, singing, jumping, dancing, painting, building -but also for retreat and sleeping.

The spacious terrace with sun protection and safety-fence can be used in all weather for outdoor play.

Nearby is the Böschhof with its little petting zoo, the beautiful forest Langholz with its moss covered woodland, the large forest sofa and many more possibilities to discover and play. We regularly visit the farm “Schlössli” and its animals or playgrounds in Hünenberg, Rotkreuz and Cham by bus.

Our Team

Group green

Group Leader
Professional childcare EFZ 2016
vocational trainer
Retail specialist EFZ
Jana Jana
Professional childcare EFZ 2020
vocational trainer 2021
Retail specialist EFZ 2014
Alexandra Alexandra
Second year apprentice FaBe
Luigi Luigi
Second year apprentice FaBe
Fay Fay

Group blue

Doni Doni
Group Leader
Professional childcare EFZ Child 2013
Team leader module 1, BKE 2020
Movement Promotion, BKE 2017
Mi-Ma-oral motor skills 2019
Vocational trainer EFZ 2015
Prevention sexual exploitation 2015
Claudia Claudia
Mother of three children
Celine Céline
Second year apprentice FaBe – shortened apprenticeship
Medical practice assistant EFZ 2016
Zadean Zadean
Thirdyear apprentice FaBe
Michael Michel
First year apprentice FaBe

Group Farbtüpfli (color points)

Natalie Natalie
Group Leader
Professional childcare EFZ 2016
Continuing education especially for baby care 2021
Vocational trainer 2018
Steffi Steffi
Professional childcare EFZ 2016
Verena Verena
Mother of two children
Lakshini Lakshini
Playgroup leader
Mother of three School children
Tina Tina
Second year apprentice FaBe – shortened apprenticeship
Teacher aqua-prim 2011/12
Mother of three sons and one daugther
Deborah Debora
First year apprentice FaBe
Mother of a daugther
Samira Samira

Group Purzelbaum (somersault)

Isabelle Isa
Group Leader
Professional childcare FFK 2008
IP Education 2020
Leading groups in daycare centers 2011
vocational trainer 2011
Mother of a daugther
Yasmin Yasmin
Third year apprentice FaBe
Lara Lara
Second year apprentice FaBe
Lara Laura

Childcare worker part time for all groups

Lara Lara
Professional childcare EFZ 2018
Professional childcare EFZ 2014
Cook EFZ
Mother of three children

Our team is supported by our cooks Helene, Ursula and Vanessa.