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Parents survey 2019: the results

Parents survey 2019: the results

In 2019, we conducted our parents’ first survey about satisfaction with the Kita ZugWest. The survey was anonymous.

We are pleased with the results that motivate the entire team to maintain the positive feedback and optimize the critical answers. Thank to all parents who participated.

Question: Why did you choose the Kita ZugWest?
blue: close to my office – green: close to our home – orange: appealing facility – pink: Full-service concept – dark orange: opening hours – violet: appealing prices – light blue: recommended by other parents – red: had a place

How friendly is the staff that takes care about the chidren?

The employees who takes care about the children…
ignore the need of the children / respond to the needs of the children
ignore the daily rhythm (sleeping, eating time etc. / respond to the daily rhythme of the children
do not offer structures and processes / create sufficient structures and processes
that our child can use as a guide / that our child can use as a guide

What do you expect from the staff?
… that they respond to the individual child.
… that they treat all children equally.
… that they give the parents advice on education etc.
… that they give a factual feedback.

How child-friendly are the rooms in gerneral?
How child-friendly is the sleeping room?
How sensibly furnished are the movement rooms?
How child-friendly is the terrasse?

Our meals
The lunch is monotonous / balanced and varied
The snacke is monotonous / balanced and varied
The Lunch is monotonou / balanced and varied
Not enough / sufficient attention is paid to allergies and intolerances

How you like the Kita?


  • II am very happy and happy that I have a place for my son with you. I always have a very good feeling when I hand it over to you and don’t have to worry. G. can not say anything yet, but I would be very wrong in my feeling if he would not feel comfortable with you 🙂 We are very satisfied and a big thank you to all of you 🙂 C. & S. from Cham
  • I think the development of the day care center and its activities is fantastic. Anonymous
  • We are very happy with the KITA and it is a great thing with this survey 🙂 Anonymous
  • Keep it up! You are doing great! Thank you very much. Anonymous