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Our Activities

Snow and Carneval

Winter impressions

On the farmer…

In the autumn we deal with everything that happens on the farm. We spend a whole day with the farmer, get to know the animals and learn what a farmer has to do. Of course we also try fresh apples from the tree …

With all our senses

In July, we looked at the five senses. We feel, taste, smell, sort colors and listen to sounds. But we also visited an optician and were allowed to test various herbs and spices in the spice mill.

June: Excursion to Zürich Zoo

As a farewell to Laura, the group Blue drove to Zurich Zoo. Especially the elephants and colorful fish have fascinated the children.
A great trip by bus, train and then a lot of walking …

June: Snack-Workshop

In June we invited our mothers to join us to our Snack-Workshop. Together we created various healthy snacks from vegetables, fruits and dough.

May: Frog & Tierpark Goldau

This month we are dedicated to the subject of frogs: We paint the green animals and learn everything about them. Finally, we visited the Tierpark Arth Goldau and observed animals the whole day, including having lunch there.