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New: APP for Parents

Free APP for Parents

As a progressive and modern day-care center, we use innovativ communication tools that provide parents with a comprehensive and up-to-date insight into day-to-day care and the development of your child – leaving us more time for direct contact with children and parents.

Of course, the APP does not replace the parent conversation when bringing or picking up! Direct communication is always in the foreground with us. But it streamlines the administrative needs so that our carers have their heads free for the children.

We are using the multilingual Famly APP which gives parents real-time information on their mobile phone, such as:

  • Photos from the day-to-day Kita.
  • Information about the development of your child.
  • Information about your child’s day (bedtime, meals, changing diapers).
  • Chat: You can chat with other parents or with the the daycare center on a secure platform.
  • Important documents, invoices and appointments at a glance.
  • Easy sign-off for holidays or illness – or sign in for extra days.

Free Download:

Jegliche Kommunikation zwischen der App und den Servern findet verschlüsselt, wie beim Onlinebanking, statt. Alle Daten sind nur für ausdrücklich autorisierte Personen zugänglich. Die Daten liegen auf Servern in Frankfurt am Main, werden regelmässig und doppelt abgespeichert und nach dem strengen, europäischen Datenschutzgesetz gehostet.

Data protection

Data protection is very important for us. The Famly APP has been developed in Denmark and is subject to the highest security standards. Only persons invited by the Kita ZugWest have access to the data. This means that only the parents – and we – can see the data.

All communication between the app and the servers is encrypted, as in online banking. All data is only accessible to specifically authorized persons. The data is stored on servers in Frankfurt Germany and is regularly and twice stored and hosted according to the strict, European data protection law.